Ideal Places To Store Your Luggage In Sydney

Are you searching for a place to store your luggage as you travel to Sydney? Perhaps you are looking for a secure place where you can leave your bags for some hours or maybe for a few days. Sydney has beautiful sceneries that you can explore. A place to store your luggage when on tour should be the least of your concern. In this article, you will get to know the top 5 safest places to store your luggage so that you can enjoy your stay in Sydney.

Storage Unit

  • In The AirportLuggage storage is usually provided at both international and domestic airports. Again, the airport is an excellent stopover if you will be travelling on a domestic flight.


  • In The Train Station – Sydney provides luggage storage at the central train station. If you plan to travel by NSW trains, you should check-in the luggage early in the morning. The storage will be 100% free if you will use the train services later on that day. However, early check-in is denied to passengers who will not be using the country train on that day.


  • Luggage Storage Near A Circular Quay – You can store your luggage in a circular quay. Smart Carte Outlet at 43 Playfair Street is open to all travellers. However, if you are travelling by cruise, you can pre-book luggage storage at Sydney’s Visitor Centre.


  • Luggage Storage Near The Town Hall Station – If you want to store your luggage near the CBD, you should check out the BAGBNB. It is located in Bathurst Street, and they charge $8 per day. They provide storage for both large and small luggage.


  • Long-Term Storage Solution – You can find the cheapest long-term storage at World Square Shopping centre in the CBD. They charge $11 for daily storage and $33 for monthly storage.


  • Lockers You Can Access For 24 Hours In A Day – You can access a 1m x 1m x 1m locker for a maximum of one year. The charges for storing in this facility are $24 for a day, $35 for one week and $77 for a month.


Sydney is a beautiful place. Nonetheless, if you have too much baggage, you may not get to fully enjoy your stay in this city. To ensure you have a smooth stay in Sydney, use the following tips when looking for a place to store your baggage.

What Should You Consider When Looking For A Storage Area In Sydney

Read Online Reviews

By going through the online reviews, you will get to know if the company can be trusted with your luggage or not. You will also learn further about the services offered at that particular location. Other than the reviews, find out the company’s location, their prices and the duration of storage.

Register All Your Bags

Register all the bags that will be stored. In most locations, you will be allowed to register as many bags as you want. Have in mind that any guest who fails to reserve his/her small bags will be denied a chance to store it in the Storage Plus venue. Again, register the luggage early to avoid any inconveniences.

Be Keen On The Opening And Closing Hours

Most BAGBNB operates for 24 hours in a day. However, there are some exceptions. Some venues will work for lesser hours. Nevertheless, there are many venues near the Manly Beach, Capitol Square, Surry Hills and Central Station that you can choose from. Find a venue that will suit your plan most.

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Major Airports in Sydney

Sydney is the capital city of Australia and it’s centrally located in the Republic of Australia. It’s an old city and its transport system has developed greatly. Its railway line system is very fantastic. It’s very efficient and links the city with the rest of Australia.

Sydney has many modern buildings which meet international standards. Note that you will find the most expensive buildings in Sydney and this will show you that it’s not just a city but one of its kind. in Australia. Besides road and the magnificent railway system, Sydney has airports which see off and welcome landing flights in the city. The major airports in Sydney- Australia are as follows;

Kingsford Smith International Airport

The airport is also called the Sydney airport and is basically located in the Sydney suburb of Mascot. This is the largest airport serving Sydney and adjacent areas too. It is basically a major hub for the Qantas in the Sydney and it’s known as one of the oldest airports in the region of Sydney.

Kingsford Smith airport is served with good hotels that will give travelers the comfort they need. Talk of the hotel ibis international, its one of the most recognized hotels in Sydney and travelers who will pass here will not regret choosing the Kingsford Smith as their stop while on their journey.

Sydney Airport

This is one of Australia’s largest airports which is known to offer good airport parking that is very convenient for airlines landing in the airport. The landing space is very good and this gives the planes convectional options in landing. Sydney airport is also known to have duty free shopping where travelers enjoy the services with reduced costs. You will realize that it is worth to come and experience on your own.

Sydney airport is well supplied with shuttles to take travelers in the city center and other places they would like to visit while in Sydney. These shuttle services take you around very fast and ensure that you will not be late for your appointments.

In any case, you are somewhere and you want to travel someday, just make Sydney airport be your stopping point and I assure you regret will a bygone. Get on and download Sydney airport and watch out for the news.